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About Klaviyo

$3.7 billion in revenue—that's how much brands have made using Klaviyo in the last year alone.

Klaviyo is the growth marketing platform built for online businesses of all sizes.

Consuming more customer data than any other solution on the market, Klaviyo helps more than 21,000 brands truly own their customer experience. The platform analyzes every interaction and captures 360-degree views of your customers. Delivering richer insights, Klaviyo empowers you to create more personalized marketing moments and higher value customer relationships.

Do more with your store’s data. When you own your marketing experiences, your growth possibilities are endless.

“As Klaviyo’s best review integration, Okendo is user-friendly and makes automating review requests so simple. Combined with Klaviyo’s SMS and email marketing capabilities, Okendo revolutionizes the way brands engage with their audience, generating more reviews and increasing customer engagement.”
Rich Gardner, VP of Partnerships at Klaviyo

Klaviyo and Okendo

Combine the full force of customer reviews, emails, and SMS marketing with our Klaviyo integration. Enhance emails with social proof, build advanced flows and deliver more personalized messaging.

Use cases

  • Send review requests from Klaviyo

    Consolidate customer communications by sending automated review requests triggered by Okendo through email or SMS in Klaviyo.

  • Enhance emails with social proof

    Drive performance by showcasing ratings and reviews in triggered emails such as cart abandonment and product recommendations.

  • Advanced Flows

    Build advanced Klaviyo Flows that use event triggers and data from Okendo to optimize campaign performance and create new engagement possibilities, such as capturing referrals, improving customer experiences or requesting Google reviews.

  • Fuel the marketing engine

    Unlock advanced segmentation and personalization options by syncing zero-party customer data captured in Okendo to customer profiles in Klaviyo and using it to create targeted email campaigns proven to have higher performance.

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